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How To Prepare Your Road Safety Audit Brief

It is a normal expectation that the scale and complexity of any scheme alters from project to project. However, it is because of this, that it is essential that the audit brief deals with every aspect of safety in a logical and orderly fashion, especially as the audit has the potential of influencing injury collisions in the future. This process starts with getting the road safety audit brief (that is given to the auditor) correct in the first place.

Creating the road safety audit brief is normally the duty of the Design Team Leader. They can request a road safety audit at any stage of a scheme. However, it is vital that the brief is delivered to the audit team well in advance, so as to give enough time for the design team to incorporate any recommendations within the development and so enabling the scheme to progress on schedule.

Depending on the type of project the audit brief may include the following:

1) An accurate description of the scheme objectives
2) A description of the section of highway to be audited
3) Comprehensive scheme drawings
4) Identified departures from the norm
5) All Exception Reports relating to the project
6) Timetables of any traffic orders
7) Specifications of existing traffic/pedestrian flows
8) Descriptions of expected changes to traffic/pedestrian flows
9) Information of traffic signal designs for the scheme
10) Any other factors relating to the scheme proposals

It is worth noting that it is considered good practice that if the Design Team Leader decides that the road safety audit is not needed, that they should attach a detailed note countersigned by the Chief Engineer outlining the reason why the audit was not required.

Do you need an Audit carried out for your scheme? Learn more about our Road Safety Audits services. Alternatively, contact us via the website at Highway Consultants or you can phone 015398 86015 and ask to speak to Helen.