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Preston Tram System a Step Closer

Those that have ever driven through Preston will not be at all surprised to learn that the city is ranked highly on the list for being one of the most congested cities in the UK. Things can be bad enough for those that live and work in the area, but problems can be made many times worse, if there’s an unfortunate incident on the adjacent M6.

In recent years, huge amounts of progress have been made to try to alleviate some of the pressure on Preston’s transport infrastructure. A key part of this has been the work carried out by both the private sector and the local authorities... Discover more...


When should a Transport Assessment be commissioned?

Transport assessments are a thorough investigation or review of the impact that transport will have as a result of a development. For the official view, we would need to reference the National Planning Policy Framework that states that all developments that generate significant amounts of transport movement should be supported by a transport assessment. In cases where the transport impact is expected to be less, then a transport statement might be commissioned instead. It is often the Local Authority that will make the judgement as to the level of assessment required and they will do this on a case by case basis... Discover more...


Integrating Security Measures Into Transport Planning

With the increasing threat from terrorism and other criminal activities, it has become imperative that we consider within our transport planning activities the threat posed to our transport infrastructure, public places where people gather in large numbers and other vulnerable sites.

Certainly architects and other designers are having to consider counter terrorism measures within their designs, not just for high risk targets, but also for the wider environment. It would be easy to develop a siege mentality in terms of design, but this really would be a mistake... Discover more...


Double Planning Permission Success for Modal Group

Modal Group transport consultants were commissioned by Daisy Clough Nurseries to provide highway advice relating to a proposal to replace a residential dwelling on the site of the nursery. Daisy Chain Nurseries are based on the outskirts of the village of Scorton, south of Lancaster, Lancashire. Daisy Clough Nurseries also requested Modal Group to support a second application in connection with improving the facilities at the nursery. Further to Modal’s recommendations, both schemes were successfully approved and work can now commence... Discover more...


Why Transport Planners Require Traffic Surveys?

When it comes to transport planning, an essential basic requirement is obtaining a sound understanding of the actual conditions on the ground in order to predict what the conditions would be in the future. Often, the only way to achieve this is by obtaining an accurate measure of traffic (vehicle/pedestrian) numbers. This is often expanded to encapsulate vehicle types and speeds. If the objective requires more detailed data, then the journey length, the purpose of the journey and the frequency of the journey may also need to be determined... Discover more...


How Do Modal Group Carry Out a Transport Assessment

Putting together a Transport Statement or a more detailed Transport Assessment Report is at the core of the business activity for Modal Group Ltd. Modal's transport planning consultants are often asked to prepare these reports to accompany planning applications where the development proposals may have an effect on the public highway.

In the first instance, after receiving instruction to proceed, and as long as the proposals are not secret, Modal Group Ltd will approach the local Highway Authority and discuss the scheme in general and scope the parameters required to carry out the project... Discover more...


How Will Climate Change Affect UK Transport Infrastructure?

As the world accepts the overwhelming scientific evidence that climate change is with us, plans are being drawn up and steps are being taken to mitigate the impact of climate change on both our communities and our economies.

As transport planning consultants, Modal Group has to consider and assess new and existing transport networks in terms of their flexibility and long-term resistance to the effects of climate change and extreme weather conditions. In this article, Petros Price reviews the potential impact of climate change and considers how the UK can prepare for the future... Discover more...


How Do Transport Planners Help Us All?

A bit like the motorway network, civil engineering is long as it is broad. Civil engineering covers a wide range of activities relating to both public sector projects and private sector development schemes. Highways planning is one of the specialist areas that comes under the umbrella of civil engineering.

The general public don't really think about it as such, but highways planning does play a vital role in our everyday lives as it impacts hugely on a regions economic well being as well as the quality of life experienced by its inhabitants ... Discover more...


Issues That Will Stop Your Development

There are a number of variables that can determine the success or failure of a development scheme, especially in the early stages. This article looks at some of the main issues that can have an significant influence on the scheme especially regarding achieving planning permission.

Identify Any Land Access Issues

Check that the proposed development site can be accessed properly as early on in the project as possible. To avoid any unnecessary costs, land access should be confirmed before the architect has positioned a property or in the case of a larger proposal, designed the estate... Discover more...


Who's On Your Planning Team?

Have you got your eye on a piece of land you'd like to develop? Maybe you've actually purchased that piece of land because you know it would provide the ideal location for your dream house. Perhaps you have found a slightly bigger plot of land that you can build more than one house on and you fancy becoming a developer. Whatever, your position, this article will provide you with some basic advice to help you with your project and avoid some pitfalls.

Doing The Research

Prior to employing any property specialists it is essential to do some basic research of your own... Discover more...


The Road Safety Audits Checklist

This article introduces the critical importance of having a checklist as set out by our road safety auditors that ensures all road safety issues are dealt with throughout the development scheme or other project.

Stage 1 of Modal road safety audits takes place after the preliminary design has been completed and ideally before the planning permission is granted. If it is a large project then it is also necessary to determine the amount of land required to meet all the safety requirements... Discover more...


How To Prepare Your Road Safety Audit Brief

It is a normal expectation that the scale and complexity of any scheme alters from project to project. However, it is because of this, that it is essential that the audit brief deals with every aspect of safety in a logical and orderly fashion, especially as the audit has the potential of influencing injury collisions in the future. This process starts with getting the road safety audit brief (that is given to the auditor) correct in the first place.

Creating the road safety audit brief is normally the duty of the Design Team Leader... Discover more...


Understanding Access Feasibility Issues For Sites

As Transport Planning Consultants, Modal Group are increasingly being asked to look at the feasibility in being able to access parcels of land that the landowner would like to develop for residential use. The majority of these sites often come forward following on from the review and identification of potential residential sites by Local Authorities. In this article, Petros Price looks at the general requirements that both the Highway Authorities and/or Property Developers need to consider at the feasibility stage with regards to being able to satisfactorily access the land... Discover more...


10 Common Road Safety Problems

Modal Group Ltd road safety auditors carry out many road safety audits (RSA) across the UK on various schemes ranging from new commercial developments through to checking the safety of railway level crossings. In our travels across the country, we have noticed that it is often the same issues that crop up time and time again. Therefore, I thought it appropriate to highlight some of these common road safety ailments in order to create greater awareness of these reoccurring safety issues.

Our RSAs have identified 10 Common Road Safety Problems:

image show a tick or check mark Poorly sited pedestrian crossings
image show a tick or check mark Poorly designed or non-existent tactile paving at pedestrian crossings
image show a tick or check mark Obscured signage
image show a tick or check mark Poorly sited street furniture
image show a tick or check mark Lack of guard railing
image show a tick or check mark Inadequate road signage
image show a tick or check mark Lack of road markings
image show a tick or check mark Lack of anti-skid
image show a tick or check mark Poorly sighted traffic signal heads
image show a tick or check mark Lack of dropped kerbs for pedestrians and wheelchair users

If you found this of interest you may also want to read our A Guide to RSA... Discover more...


Survey Camera Launched

Press Release which appears in (subscription required).

A new automated traffic counting video camera that promoters claim could replace the use of manual traffic counts is being used in the UK. Cumbria-based transport consultant Modal Group claims to be the first traffic survey company in Europe to have purchased the Canadian ‘Miovision’ system.

Though our Traffic Survey specialists work across the UK, we mainly carry out traffic surveys in Lancashire and Cumbria... Discover more...


Safety Audit for Tata Steel Project

Tata Steel (formerly called Corus) has appointed Modal Group Ltd to carry out a Stage 1 and 2 Road Safety Audit at three railway level crossings near Morecambe at Bare Lane, Bolten-le-Sands and Hest Bank. Modal Group Ltd was the lead auditor with secondary auditing provided by Brian Campbell Associates Ltd.
The Road Safety Audits concentrated on the proposed changes to the local highway network that Tata Steel was making as part of their planned level crossing improvements. These included auditing changes to the highway approaches and signage... Discover more...


Transport Assessment GUILD Line, Preston

Modal Group Ltd has been appointed by Trampower to provide the Transport Assessment for a proposal to build a new tramline in Preston, Lancashire. The tramline is planned to travel between Redscar at Junction 31A of the M6 to the citycentre railway station.  Part of the route will be on existing redundant railway track as well as street running closer to the City Centre.

A demonstration section has already been granted planning permission at Deepdale, close to the City Centre. Trampower has developed a revolutionary new tram and patented direct drive system, giving a saving in power of 75% compared to other trams... Discover more...


Stage 1 and 2 RSA Kendal Auction Mart

Modal Group were recently appointed by Time & Tide (NW) Ltd to carry out the Road Safety Audits for both the re-development of the existing Kendal Auction Mart Site as housing and for the proposed development of the Agri Quarter , which will include new Kendal Auction facilities, at Moss Ends, adjacent to Junction 36 of the M6.
The Stage 1 and 2 Road Safety Audits considered the proposed access arrangements for both vehicles and other users.
Learn more about Modal Group Ltd's Road Safety Audit services or contact us direct via the website at Traffic Consultants... Discover more...